Glimmer of Light

It would seem that finally things are beginning to show signs of improvement, albeit slowly. We have all been through the strangest of times!

Here at Wilton, everything is well set up to operate in line with every Covid-related safety guideline, so appointments are as safe as can be. Meanwhile I have had my first vaccine and am therefore safer – and safer to be with, apparently.

Most importantly, over and above following guidelines, you must only do what feels right for you. If you would like to talk over the phone to reassure yourself that this is a safe space, asking any questions you have, that is perfectly reasonable. I’m ready when you are.

Take care and stay safe!

Action For Happiness

In these difficult times, proactive ideas to help us manage our wellbeing are more important than ever. That’s why I’m mentioning Action For Happiness here. They are a charity that offer constructive ways to be kinder to ourselves and each other. From daily prompts to webinars, they are an excellent source of encouragement.